From Tundra to Chaparral


Found in cool places like Alaska, Russia and Canada. Bare land with cold temperatures. Never gets above 45-50 Fahrenheit. Animals such as the arctic fox, grizzly bear, snowy owl and polar bear are prominent in these areas. Some plants that are in these areas are; arctic moss, arctic willow, pasque flower and labrador tea.


Found in mountains all over the world. Some of examples are the Himalayas and Rockies. The climate is very dry and cold with temperatures between -12 and 10 Celsius. Animal that are common in these places are alpacas, Andean condor, chinchilla and llama. Plants are alpine phacelia, bristle cone moss and wild potatoes.


Taigas are found in places like North America, Asia, Europe, Alaska, Canada and Scandinavian. The climate is usually around 50 Fahrenheit in the summer and winter last about 6 or 7 months. Some animals that are native to this area is the american black bear, bald eagle, bobcat and the Canadian lynx. The plants are balsam fir, black spruce, Douglas-fir, and jack pine.

Temperate Deciduous Forest

These forests are in the United States, Europe, Russia, china and japan. The climate is usually moist with mild summers around 70 Fahrenheit. The plants that are in these areas is american beech, carpet moss, common lime, guilder rose. The animals that are native are the bald eagles, american black bears, coyotes and duckbill platypus.

Tropical Rainforest

These rain forests are located in places such as Africa, South America and Asia. The climate is often moist and warm with an average around 77 Fahrenheit. Native animals are the African forest elephant, chimpanzee, golden lion and a rhino. The plants that are very common are the Bengal bamboo, curare, coconut tree and durian.


Found in Africa and America with temperatures always above 68 Fahrenheit and very dry. Some interest animals native to this biome is the armadillo lizard, bobcat and banded Gilda monster. There are also plants like the barrel cactus, brittle bush and the hedgehog cactus.


Located in Africa, South America, Australia and India. The temperatures are sometimes dry sometimes wet. Average is between 68- 86 Fahrenheit. Natives animals are African elephant, black mamba, caracal, mongoose and emu. Plants that are common in these areas are the acacia Senegal, baobab, Bermuda grass and candelabra trees.


Located in Europe, America, South America, Africa and Asia. Climate is usually tropical and sometimes dry. Average temperatures of 70 Fahrenheit in the summer. Animals that are common are the american bald eagles, badger, bobcat and bumble bee. The native plants are big bluestem grass, blue grama grass, buffalo grass and fleabane.


In Mediterranean areas and climates of 30-100 Fahrenheit and very moist. Native animals are the aardwolf, black-tailed jack rabbit, grey fox and puma. The plants that are often here are the blue oak, coyote brush, common sagebrush and french broom.