The Maze Runner

Written By James Dashner


In the maze runner there is a group of teenage boys stuck in the middle of a huge maze that changes every night. The boys have the fastest go into the maze every day and try to find a way out. Every week a new boy is sent up the one week there is a girl and it says this is the last one on a note. During the book there is conflict some think they should stay safe in the maze and don't leave some want to try to find the way out as fast as possible. It is a really good book in a interesting setting i didn't want to put down the book.

About the Author

James Dashner

James Dashner was born and raised in Georgia but now lives in the rocky mountains with his four kids. He was born on November 26th and is 42 years old. James used to work with finance and used to study the field to be an accountant then he discovered his love for writing. This is James Dashners most popular series by far. He was born on November 26th and is 42 years old.
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I am comparing the Maze runner to the house of scorpion. I really like both book but i liked the maze runner more it wasn't as well written as the house of scorpion but it kept me reading non stop. They are similar such as Matt is thrown into el patron's house not knowing how dangerous and corrupt he is. Thomas is put in the maze not knowing why he was sent there. They are different because in maze runner he is trapped i a maze trying to get out and its more violent in the house of scorpion Matt is trying to sneak out without violence.