Governor William Berkley

By Kyndal, Hailey, and Ava

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William Berkley was born in 1605 to Sir Maurice Berkeley and Elizabeth Killigrew Berkley. He was the sixth born of seven children.

William Berkley took the position of governor in Virginia after King Charles I selected him personally. He had two terms; the first lasted from 1641-1652 and the second from 1660-1677. He allowed the houses of the general assembly to develop and become mature parlimentary bodies that perferred the larger planter families that dominated the colonial era. Berkeley was known for promoting trade between the Colonists and the Native Americans as well. He taught settlers how resolve differences peacefully and discouraged persecution of religous minorities. During his second term, a rebellion involing Nathaniel Bacon broke out and caused the end to Berkeley's last time as govenor. He returned to London and died shortly after.


The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

William Berkley was known to have qualities of good and peaceful leader that showed integrity in his decisions. An example of such is the very cause of the rebellion that ended his second term as governor. Nathaniel Bacon disagreed with the policies Berkeley enacted towards the Native Americans and the peace and partnership he sought with them. He discouraged the persecution of minorities and encouraged religious tolerance from everyone. He remained neutral during english civil wars to promote equality.


The quality of an individual's response to membership in a community.

Govenor Berkeley showed he was a well endowned citizen to Virginia because he was well known for encouraging Virginians to settle peacefully and live the differnces they could not resolve. He also showed he was a great citizen to England because through and through he remained steadfast to the king.

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