Reflecting with #TwitterChats

Leadership Academy

Twitter as a Reflection Tool

Getting Set up with TweetDeck

1.Go to

2. Go to + Add Column on left hand side

3. Go to the SEARCH icon

4. Type #mola31, click add column

5. Go to +Add Column on left hand side

6. Click on notifications, click add column

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Now It's Time to Reflect and Share!

Q1: Welcome, MOLA31 Crew! Please introduce yourself and tell us what you teach. BONUS: Favorite holiday movie! #MOLA31

I go to NEW TWEET button, then type:

A1: Hi All! I'm Beth and I am the principal at @fms_hornets My FAV holiday movie is ELF #smilingismyfavorite #MOLA31

Your role is to reflect and answer the question, but also to see the ideas of others and correspond or "retweet" ideas you especially agree with or like.

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Our Chat Questions

Q2: What stuck with you the most from the article and conversations about culture? #MOLA31

Q3: Why do people resist change? #MOLA31

Q4: How can leaders create the conditions that would motivate people to accept change? #MOLA31

ACTION-What will you do to improve the culture in your school. #MOLA31


1. New Tweet

2. Type #MOLA31

3. Type your response (140 characters or less)

4. Click Tweet

WOO HOO! Celebrate!

If you want specific people to see your tweet, add them with the @sign


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