November @bvnlibrary!

And the beat goes on...

in the form of the Research Process, which all seniors completed this month! The gamified results were awesome! We also did some great work with ELA, Sociology and we had a ton of #mathinthelibrary. Read on for the deets!

Gamified Research Process Continues

Seniors in Mrs. Weir's Contemporary Communications classes & Mrs. McIntosh's and Mrs. Dalton's ELA4 classes completed the research process! The gamified process took place on Edmodo and allowed students to earn badges as they progressed through the process. Students had to master each skill before earning the badge. Students were also expected to earn all badges before completing the final draft. The results for this were much improved from years past. The finished papers were great! We will be meeting with these teachers to evaluate and revise the process for the future.

Frederick Douglass and Modern Day Activists

Students in Mrs. Minard's ELA 3 class researched young activist and compared their work to Frederick Douglass after completing A Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. Each student researched, prepared, and performed an Ignite Talk for the class. Ignite talks use a timed PowerPoint and sparse text in a 2.5 minute presentation. The results were great as students were not able to read from their presentation slides and had to stick to the given time frame. The results were so good that we used this idea for a later project with Social Studies.

3D in the Library!

Students in Mrs. Pence's Sociology classes and Mrs. Gossick's Computer Graphics classes used to design 3D models and practice advanced problem solving. Sociology students created a lapel clip to recognize their team and proposed their ideas to their teams. The winning design was fabricated for all team members. Students in Mrs. Gossick's class created a new cereal, designed a box front for the cereal and used to 3D design the cereal box toy. These designs turned out beautifully! We were so amazed with the results after only practicing 3D design for a few minutes.

More #mathinthelibrary

Mrs. O'Connell, Mrs. Nathan and Mrs. Wills used ipads and Nearpod with their math classes. Mrs. O'Connell also used Kahoot for several lessons.

MLA Boot Camp for Literary Criticism

AP Lit students endured MLA Boot Camp in preparation for a literary criticism paper. After a rigorous CPS quiz over MLA, students used literary criticism databases to write about one of the works that they studied this semester. The students produced short papers in MLA format. The results were great!