Expansion of MLB

By: Elizabeth Boyd

The History- Why Expand

In 1960, the American League conducted a survey to determine potential expansion cities. The list included Atlanta, Buffalo, Dallas–Fort Worth, Denver, Oakland, San Diego, Seattle, and Toronto. One of the reasons for the expansion was because of increasing pressure to maintain the sport as the US "national pastime", particularly because of the increasing popularity of professional football.

How They Expanded- Who Expanded

When the MLB decided to expand they came up with new leagues for the teams. They started with a couple teams and decided they wanted to form 4 more. That means they needed more players, so they started the 1968 MLB expansion draft. Each team got to draft 30 players from the major and minor leagues. The 4 teams they expanded were The San Diego Padres, Kansas City Royals, Washington Nationals (The San Diego Padres, Kansas City Royals, Washington Nationals (Montreal Expos), and Milwaukee Brewers (Seattle Pilots) ), and Milwaukee Brewers (Seattle Pilots).

"This week the second century of professional baseball began, and instead of 20 teams there were 24. Instead of two leagues there were four divisions. One hundred players who were not good enough to make the major leagues in 1968 were suddenly prime properties."