Pillows By Pax

desirable pillows for every need

A Sole Proprietorship...Why?

  • allows me to make own uninfluenced decisions financially and about products
  • very simple to create and maintain
  • there are no tax payments like corporations have

Overcoming the Difficulties

  • I am personally liable for any debts of the business and as the owner I will have to be fiscally responsible and have to know the right knowledge
  • I am personally liable for any liabilities so I will ensure that employees have appropriate knowledge for their safety

Concerning Employees

It's important for all workers of Pillows By Pax to enjoy their job. It is necessary for all employees to attend workshops three times a year for a reminder of safety points. They are able to come to me personally with any concerns. Because this business is a sole proprietorship, it's crucial for all the working parts to be efficient. A labor union is important for my business in the way that my workers can openly express their concerns together to improve their conditions. I would want the union to be a union shop so people do not have to join if they do not want to.

Pillows By Pax Goes Green

  • all of leftover fabric will be recycled into other products
  • limited use of a sewing machine is necessary and it needs to be unplugged when not in use