Jensen Counseling Newsletter

Week of April 22nd

Dear Jensen Parent and Guardians,

We hope our Jensen Newsletter #4 finds you healthy and strong. This week we have gathered some activities for our students, to help address the topic of Hope. We also included some community resources for your use. Feel free to use the resources below to help support the social emotional well being of your child.

Contact us:

  • If you would like to contact us you can do so using the contact box on the side of the newsletter. It is directly linked to our school email.


  • SISD Mental Health Moment Ep. 3 by our Lead Counselor Mr. Crixell Topic: Kindness
  • Bookends with Julia Cook: A flicker of hope
  • How to see germs spread: Very useful/informational video to show students how easily germs can spread.

  • A Flicker of Hope: Tips for parents and educators
  • Someday Soon Jar Project: a great way to ease anxiousness for the family
  • 16 everyday activities that count as learning
  • Social Emotional Learning while you watch tv shows and movies
  • Breather break for the family

Community Resources:

  • Region One COVID-19 Parent Portal
  • Food Bank RGV Emergency Pantry update
  • COVID-19 Mental Health support line
  • CDC Self Checker for COVID-19: A guide to help you make decisions and seek appropriate medical care.

Thank you,

Jensen Counselors

BOOKENDS with Julia Cook: A Flicker of Hope
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Breather Break for the family

Region One COVID-19 Parent Portal

How To See Germs Spread (Coronavirus)
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