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If You Need Help Go to Elf

About Elf

ELF can help you find jobs and give you a temporally home in till you can find your own home. The jobs consists of helping the environment. Also when you are unemployed you get payed for helping elders, helping homeless shelters, and animal shelters. We provid the materials you need for those jobs. It is your choice if you would like to work at one of those places. You will always be welcomed.

How will ELF aid, employe, and empower?

ELF helps aiding by giving people homes and letting them have a home till they are able to by and have there own home.

ELF can help you with getting a job by finding a job for you that is a good paying job and one that is right in town.

For legal reasons we are

How will ELF benefit our community?

It helps the community because it helps prevent poverty and gives people jobs and homes.
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By: Taylor Schultz and Ryah Doyle