Killing Me Softly

book by: April Brookshire


The book Killing Me Softly is about Annabel (Anna) and Gabriel. Anna is an assassin and was raised my her parents best friend. Her parents died when she was little on one of their jobs. Gabriel is just a regular 17 year-old who's dad is a very successful business man. Gabriel's dad owns both legal and illegal businesses. His illegal business has killed many people, that is where Anna comes in she is hired to assassinate Xaivier (Gabriel's dad) because the government does not have enough evidence to do it themselves. Xaivier's house is in Miami and it is heavily guarded so Anna has to gain Gabriel's trust so she has access to the house. The one problem with that is that she falls in love and then she is stalling to get the job done. Anna eventually gets the job done but she has to flee the country. Gabriel eventually catches up to her and tries to kill her, but Anna is a trained assassin. The more time they are together the more they fall in love. During the next chapter Eva, Gabriel's mom, takes her life in the sorrow of a killed husband. In rage that Annabel was the one who did this he pulled the trigger. Gabriel did not realize the consequences of that and then he realized that he still lover her. Gabriel goes into a state of denial and did nothing for two years, until they met up again. Anna had her heart restarted and recovered from the shot.Someone then tries to kill Gabriel and Anna has to stay with Gabriel to protect him. In the time that they have to spent together they fall in love once again. Then from there it was just happily ever after.

main characters

  • Anna
  • Gabriel

minor characters

  • Brent
  • Max
  • Xaivier
  • Eva
  • Jackson
  • Uncle Simon


The main character, Anna, in the book Killing Me Softly in brought to life in many ways through characterization. During a phone call from Uncle Simon he says, "You'll be going to Miami. Since you are only 17 you are the best for the job." That shows that Anna has a job and she is 17.

While looking at a picture of Gabriel Anna thinks, "My breath catches, he is handsome." That shows Anna likes Gabriel which foreshadows they are going to get together. Anna also reveals that she got her GED when she was 14 showing she is well educated. In conclusion, the main character, Anna, in the book Killing Me Softly, shews who she is in many ways through characterization.


The theme of the book Killing Me Softly is that if you love something let it go. This is shown when Anna had to let Gabriel go when she killed his father, Gabriel also had to let Anna go when he "killed" her. In conclusion, the theme of if you love something let it go is shown in many ways throughout the story.

Figurative, Sensory, and Descriptive language

In the book Killing Me Softly, there are many examples of figurative language. One example is at when Gabriel sees Anna. The author writes, "She has olive skin that looks like a light tan but I can tell it's her natural skin color. This is figurative language because it is descriptive I chose this example because it tells us what Anna looks like.Another strong example is the part where the author writes, "Her eyes are a beautiful blue." This shows Gabriel is starting to like Anna. In conclusion the book has a lot of sensory language which helps develop all the characters.


In the book Killing Me Softly I found two conversations that have some meaning to the story. The first one i found was between Max and Gabriel and the writer wrote, "Max nudged me and says, 'Stop staring at her. I saw her first'" this dialogue shows they are both interested in Anna which is what she wants. The other dialogue I found was more in the middle of the story. Anna says, "I love you." that shows Anna will love Gabriel forever.