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April 9, 2020

Principal's Message

Dear Families,

I hope today's Haynes Happenings finds you and your family well.

This week Sudbury launched the next phase of our distance learning, Sudbury Learns from Home. I appreciate all that came with this. I know in all of your homes, there was no shortage of adjustments and shifts, troubleshooting and problem-solving, satisfaction and frustration. You have been setting up multiple home offices, setting new norms and balancing your own personal and professional responsibilities. For your patience, partnership and support in the name of your children, I am grateful.

As I told your children in my message to them on Monday, at the end of the day, living the Haynes School Rule “BE RESPONSIBLE” means doing your best. That is all we are asking of our students and of you right now. The content, the setup and the timelines might not work for your families right now. Everyone’s families have different circumstances and priorities. The normally-neutralizing nature of the school day and physical building is not available right now. I ask that you do the best that your family is able to do. You are doing great.

I once again want to applaud the Haynes staff for their work through this. Their energy and outreach has been beyond impressive, while many of them, like you, are working to balance work with the needs of their own families. Their quick learning on our new platforms, programs and resources has been incredible, and is ongoing. They have been captains of a boat for a long time; all of a sudden, we told them to make that boat fly. No easy feat. I appreciate I can call them my colleagues.

One colleague of mine put it to her community like this: You will make it through this experience, and your children will, too—with far more compassion, empathy, wisdom, and resilience than you ever thought possible. These are the qualities we want to instill in our students, and these are the attributes that will carry your children through life’s challenges when they are grown and on their own.

In the midst of all of this I know many families are celebrating some of the holiest days of the year in your traditions. I wish everyone celebrating a Happy Passover, a Happy Easter, and to everyone, peace.


Jeff LaBroad


Happy Assistant Principals Week!

This week schools across the country celebrate the vital role that ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS play in the running of our schools. At Haynes, we are so lucky to have CARA BLANCHETTE. Since her arrival last August, Mrs. Blanchette has served the students, parents and staff of Haynes School well with her positive energy and focus on putting students first. Please join me in thanking Mrs. Blanchette for her dedicated service to Haynes School!

Food Pantry Collection Friday, April 17

10:00-12:00 at Haynes School Front Circle

Haynes will be collecting again for the Sudbury Food Pantry on Friday April 17. There are a number of items that they have not been able to source from the Greater Boston Food Bank and they hope the schools will be able to help fill the gap for those things in particular but any donations are appreciated! Items needed can be found here.

Weather permitting, we will have labeled boxes out for you to sort your items. A list of the categories that we sort by is also attached here. In the event of rain, we will be collecting directly into cars like last month and sorting off-site.

Please follow state and CDC social distancing rules and not to linger for any extended periods to limit exposure risk.

For anyone who can't make it between those hours, please feel free to drop off in the garage at 200 Mossman Rd. There will be a bin out. If you have any questions, please contact Jamie Simeone at jamie.simeone@gmail.com.

Virtual Spirit Day Next Friday

We're all together, even when we're far apart! Next Friday, show your Haynes spirit by wearing blue, putting on your Hayneswear, or adding a Haynes Hawk to your day. Send a picture to Mr. LaBroad (jeffrey_labroad@sudbury.k12.ma.us) or Tweet it using #haynes01776 and you'll be part of a special virtual celebration we'll share out soon.

Order Your 2020 Haynes Yearbook!

Please remember to place your order for the 2019-2020 yearbook on the webstore today! Click here to order. If you have any questions please contact Laura Broderick at lbcbroderick@gmail.com.

REMINDER: Class Placement Input Due Today

Any parent wishing to share input into class placement decisions for students entering grades 1-5 should share such information by the end of the day today. Click here to access the submission form.
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Sudbury Comprehensive COVID-19 Resource Guide

Resources from the Town of Sudbury


Thursday, April 9

Class Placement Parent Input Forms Due

Friday, April 10

Good Friday - NO SCHOOL

Friday, April 17

Haynes Spirit Day

April Food Pantry Collection

Monday, April 20

Patriots Day - NO SCHOOL


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