APO Newsletter

April 5th

We don't have too much this week, so have a good one guys.

And we're back from spring break, but that means we have 5 weeks until finals. Prepare yourselves.

If you are interested in running for exec, you need to email betaetamembership with your name and what position and then you need to meet with someone who holds the position. If you want to run for philanthropy or you have a good idea for a philanthropy for next year, let Rachel know so we can decide on next years cause.

Dues are due April 19th for actives, and at activation for pledges. Activation is April 17th

Banquet is on April 21st. Sign ups close on April 7th, that's tomorrow. Don't forget.

Cosmo Club Spaghetti Dinner: April 29th 4:30-7:30. It's a profit share for us. $7 tickets from Rachel, Nicki, or Morgan. Tickets count for family points only if you buy them at chapter next week.

If you want to attend Caring for Columbia on April 16th with APO you need to sign up by the end of this week so we can get names to them.

Lip Sync Battle with Melissa McCarthy
Honestly you don't even have to watch the whole thing (although it is great) just watch Melissa's last song. It's so great.

Have a great week guys!

<3 CommSquad