Mc Donald's Boycott

Drop those fries!


We, Tori S. and Lalanna W., are the orangizers of the Boycoot against Mc Donald's. Mc Donlad's has been filling the the people of America with fatty, greasy foods forthe past 50 plus years. Now, we know that fast food is a hue part of the American diet, which is HORRIBLE! People have become so accustom to just running out to get fast food when they don't know what to eat. So after looking in to it, in fine detail, we have realized that if people where to stop eatting at Mc Donald's for atleast a few days, the higher ups at Mc Donald's might get the memo and stop feeding everyone fat.

People don't realize that McDonald's is seriously everywhere! It is so easy to get to and so quick o eat but it is not the right thing, it's not healthy at all. There are so many other thing a person could do to get food. They could first off.... MAKE IT! they could buy the items they need and cook it at home, or more! But time is money in this day and so stoping to make food is just not worth those $5 you just spent on a McDouble and a fry.

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This picture shows all the McDonald's in the US

After looking at this picture it is kind of sickening.

So what are we going to do about it? We are boycotting McDonald's together! Together we can try to break the famous fast food chain into serving healthier foods.