Andrew Jackson's Presidency

Taryn Lam - 2nd period

Nullification Crisis

The Southern states (especially South Carolina), were upset when the government put tariffs on imported goods that they relied so heavily on. South Carolina was willing to nullify the tariff and not pay. They also threatened to secede from the Union but Jackson enacts the Force Bill which gives him the power to use the U.S Army to force them not to. They agreed to stay, only if the tariff was lowered.

Indian Removal Act

This act allowed the U.S government to exchange the Indians land with a less desirable land west of Mississippi. Their land was desirable because they grew cotton and held gold. Jackson signed the act into a law and the Indians were angered. This led to the forced removal followed by the Trail of Tears.
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Worchester v. Georgia

This ruling stated that the Cherokee nation was a "sovereign" nation and Georgia couldn't interfere. John Marshall was the Supreme Chief Justice during this ruling. Jackson decided to ignore this supreme ruling and decided to move the Indians anyway. The government rounded them and were moved west to Oklahoma.

Letter from a Cherokee

Jackson was definitely wrong about forcing us to move all the way from Georgia to Oklahoma. We had to move EVERYTHING; our homes, families, animals, and supplies. We were even at a good place. We had our own community with a constitution, language, & cotton. We even discovered bits of gold! On the trail, many of us died from starvation, cold, and disease. It was not fair for this to happen.

Letter from a Factory Owner

Super happy that Jackson forced the Indians to leave so that we could use their land. Heard that there was some signs of gold and plenty of cotton. Now I can create a cotton factory! Oh the amounts of money I'll make when we start manufacturing cotton goods! Thank you, Jackson.
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Andrew Jackson

This political cartoon shows how Jackson was known as a king and dictator. He holds the veto because he used that power more than any other previous president. He disrespects the Constitution because it's ripped up all over the floor. I think the artist feels that he is overusing his presidential authority.