Homeroom in Hong Kong

Children's Education


In China they take school very serious for young children. If the kids' school is not in walking distance they will often stay in large dorms at the school—even in the early grades. School begins as early as 6:30 a.m., children get up early for a light breakfast like rice porridge, chicken and noodle soup, or deep-fried pastries that taste something like doughnuts. They start school off with exercises with their class, often based on a form of martial arts or tai-chi. Then it’s off to class, which will last longer than schools in most other countries.


Children study in the evenings, they often study until they fall asleep. When they do relax, they play ball, watch television, or play other simple games. Students spend a minimum of 80% of their free time studying, and a good amount of time in family responsibilities, such as cooking, cleaning, or helping with the family business.

Interesting Facts

-- Four and five year olds spend most of their time preparing for school.

-- Children go to school for ten hours daily.

-- After school kids can play soccer, basketball, swimming, and gymnastics, martial arts, table tennis, and badminton.

-- China's government spend very little money on education.

-- In about 2000, two million kids were unable to go to school.

-- Most students either walk or ride their bikes to school.


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