Pelion Middle Learning Commons

Fall 2018

How to Establish a Reading Community in Your Classroom

1. Make reading come alive on social media!

As adults, we use social media to keep us apprised of what is upcoming. Why not extend this same opportunity to students? Create a classroom Twitter or use another social media tool to connect to other readers worldwide. #IMWAYR (It's Monday, What Are You Reading?) is a great way to do just that. A classroom Goodreads account is also a good way to show off what everyone in the class is reading.

2. Create at least one classroom book club per year that is not based on reading or Lexile levels. Levels do not mean much if a student does not have the opportunity to develop his or her reading identity. Students need to know that their voice matters and there is no better way to show them this than allowing students to group themselves based on their interests.

3. Include multiple copies of high-interest titles in your classroom library. Students are drawn to other students who are reading the same book as they are. Novels such as Bone, Amulet, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid fly off the shelves for all grade levels. Also, consider these titles for older middle-school students.

4. Know your readers as well as you know your books. Ask students about their personal reading preferences and take the time to really listen. This will not only help build your library but will strengthen your classroom reading culture.

Coming Up--January is Book Fair Month (Jan. 21-25, 2019)

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What's New in the Learning Commons?

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First Quarter At a Glance

Number of Books Circulated: 2130 Students are taking advantage of unlimited checkouts. Greater access to educational resources means long-term gains for our students.

Total Classes Receiving Instruction/Collaboration: 60 More collaboration means clarification of goals and more teaching time.

Class Checkouts: 73 More classroom visits help contribute to our school's reading culture.

Number of Single Visitors: 858 More students visited the library in the month of October to participate in the Global Read Aloud, book clubs, and prepare for the annual Robotics Championship. The library is more than just a place to check out books.

Books You Will Love--Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier

The Global Read Aloud (GRA) 2019 featuring Refugee by Alan Gratz

Students were excited to participate in a global read exchange during the month of October. The event kicked off when our students participated in a Mystery Google Hangout in which they correctly guessed the location of their reading partners--St. Thomas, Canada. Our students also proudly showcased their own hometown, mentioning our famous peanut landmark and celebrations. The students spent several weeks chatting with their partners about immigration, history, and cultural identity. Most importantly, our students learned that they were part of something bigger than themselves. Though the GRA has wrapped up for the year, most of our students have asked that book clubs be an active part of the school year.

Mission and Vision

The Pelion Middle Learning Commons supports student achievement by serving as a center that is conducive to personalized learning, collaboration and creativity. As students develop new digital skills, discover their identity as a reader, and become self-directed, they become lifelong learners.