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Publication 16 : 12/9/2019

Gompers journey...#180daysofwhy..#students

If Gompers teachers engage in standards-based instruction with increasingly higher levels of DOK (Depth of Knowledge) tasks and provide opportunities for collaborative work, then students will think critically and strategically, which will positively impact their conceptual understanding and transferable skills.

Week in review in #GATORNATION!!!

Busyyyyyy and ohhhh yes, yes, wet week...but #TEAM GOMPERS survived!! And this week the fun continues!!!

This week we will have an opportunity to do a "progress monitor" of our learning environment as it relates to the instructional practices that are leading students to meet the grade-level standards of achievement in CCSS via the Collaborative Inquiry visitation. Please ensure you have completed the standards document by 12/10...thanks.

I appreciate everyone for starting December off in the 12 Holiday Cheer's been fun to see staff members' creativity and style along with our Gators joining in on the fun......As you can see I love "themes" and "dressing up"!!!

Thank you to the 3-8 grade teachers for administering as a schoolwide collective the Interim Assessments (IABs). I know it was more time-intensive than anticipated but that was a veryyyyyy big ah-ha about student stamina.

The IAB data will be available this week for classrooms, grade levels, and departments to review. Additionally, directions will be given for teachers/grade levels to pursue the data dashboard and view individual student responses on test items. This capability will allow you to do some error analysis and test supported focus with students and or small groups. I appreciated the big "ahhhhh-ha's" that many of you share regarded regarding student's own perspective on their readiness as it relates to learning needs.

The visual below shows how many days are left until the SBAC window opens for LBUSD....75 days!

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Daily Learning Intentions..What, Why and How are essential to know if a student got it!!

  • Daily Learning Intentions..

What - is the standard or skill (not worksheet, not test, not book)

Why - is this relevant, why is this important (transfer)?

How - students demonstration of the standard/learning

  • We can move to learn to TRANSFER BY........

    • Making the WHY more clear to students (real-world reasons, not “to make my teacher proud” or “to make my brain smart.”)

    • Pushing students explain the WHY in their thinking...make them argue their ideas

    • Becoming more calibrated in the planned level of rigor between classes

    • Use resources from MyPD to extend student thinking?

    • Connecting learning to other situations to build transferable knowledge

    • Analyzing, discuss, debate misconceptions

    • Planning high leverage tasks that allow for discourse and struggle

    • Creating purposeful groupings of students to tackle high leverage tasks

    • Continuing to push students thinking through questioning or having students create, analyze, synthesize (as individuals, partners or teams)

    • Creating more classroom opportunities for debates (i.e. classroom courtroom)

Staff Collaboration: 12/12 & 12/19

Coming Soooooon...Collaborative Inquiry Visitation

Thursday, Dec. 12th, 9am

5206 Briercrest Avenue

Lakewood, CA

Providing feedback on our "initial" PD journey instructional best practice of DOK and rigor in the examination: qualitative and quantitative.

Collaborative Inquiry Schedule (slight revisions might need to be made):

Collaborative Inquiry/Visitation Standard Focus:

Collaborative Inquiry Upbrief:

Assessment Calendars...Don't fall behind

All Grades have reported/administered math unit exams except 4th and Algebra.

Preliminary data indicates a positive trajectory in student achievement results. Remember to test your absent students, all students need a score..thanks.

Math Units

1st Grade Unit 3-- Testing Window Opens Dec. 2

2nd Grade Unit 3 – Opens Nov. 18

3rd Grade Unit 3 – Opens Nov. 19

4th Grade Unit 3 – Opens Dec. 9

5th Grade Unit 3-- Opens Dec. 9

6th - Opens Nov. 7 & 6thACC - Opens Nov. 7

7th - Opens - Nov. 15

7ACC - Opens - Nov. 7

8th - Opens - Nov. 7

ALG - Opens - Dec. 13

ELA Synergy Assessment

Grades 2-8 Unit 2 Oct. 21-Dec.2 (5 wks)

Window Opens on Nov. 18 and Closes Jan. 14

Google Tech Integration professional development "VOLUNTARY" buttttt ohhhh sooo worth it!!

When: December 12 & 16

Where: Library

** the 1st three technology PDs in October all engaged with GOOGLE CLASSROOM usage...NOWWWWW the "technology" learning turns to use technology in daily use in lesson planning.

Dec 5 - Modeling via sample how to use all the google apps/tools in a 3-day lesson (ELA)

Dec 12 - Modeling via sample how to use all the google apps/tools in a 3-day lesson (Math)

Dec 16 - It's your turn to TRY with your own lesson plan book.

PD provided by: Mr. Rick Bosochio, OCIPD/COTSEN PTN Coach

Culture and Climate

12 Days of Holiday Cheer in #GATORNATION are your ready??

Click the Emebedded Link to view the calendar of FUN!!!

Be an active and SPIRITED part of GATORNATION HOLIDAY Fun!!!

Happenings in Gompers K8 Community

School Leadership...........


Safe and Civil:

Developing the slides for presentation at the GFS assemblies for January 6 & 7 to students

Reminder to parents regarding Schalrly Dress; daily reminders

Training to recreation team for Referral system and Playground Rules

SDM: Did you vote? all votes/ballots are due on 12/9. The voting envelope is in the teacher mailroom. Next steps at the 12/19 staff meeting.


Meeting 12/3 Agenda

Minutes 10/29

The flu is going around....ways to PROTECT YOURSELF and YOUR STUDENTS

Action Steps for Teachers to Prevent the Spread of Flu

Take the following steps ALL the time and not only during a flu pandemic to help keep

your students and yourself from getting sick with flu.

1. Educate and encourage students to cover their mouth and nose with a

tissue when they cough or sneeze. Also, provide them with easy access to tissues.

Remind them to cover coughs or sneezes using their elbow instead of their hand

when a tissue is not available.

2. Remind students to practice good hand hygiene and provide the time and

supplies (easy access to running water and soap or alcohol-based hand cleaners) for

them to wash their hands as often as necessary.

3. Be a good role model by practicing good hand hygiene and covering your mouth

and nose when coughing or sneezing.

4. Keep an eye out for sick students and send them to the school health

office for further evaluation. Sick people should stay at home until at least 24

hours after they no longer have a fever or signs of a fever (without the use of fever-reducing


5. Clean surfaces and items that are more likely to have frequent hand contact

such as desks, doorknobs, keyboards/CHROMEBOOKS, or pens, with cleaning agents that are usually

used in these areas.

6. Teachers should also stay at home when sick. Stay home until at least 24 hours

after you no long

Adjunct Duty

Click the embedded link to view

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Gompers Bulletin "parent news"

This parent bulletin is sent via email and text message to parents each week. It will also be available on our school's website.

December 2019

12/11 - Middle School Music Concert

12/11 - MS Boys Track @ Wilson

12/12 - CIV @ Gompers 8:30 to 11:00

12/12 - Tech Integration Part II @ 3:30

12/13 - Miller, and "select members" ILT to Tincher

12/16 - Subcommittee w/Master Schedule @ 3:45

12/16 - Tech Integration Part II @ 3:30

12/17 - ES Music Concert

12/18 - ES Music Concert & Choral Concert

12/19 - Hot Chocolate - Caroling - Sing a Long - 1-2

12/20 - 12/12 - Hot Chocolate - Caroling - Sing a Long - K

12/20 - Minimum Day - Teachers are expected to have their bags packed and be ready to enjoy their family and loved ones...Teachers walk out of the door with students at dismissal