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Climate and weather

The best time to visit Iceland is in the summer, when the temperatures are warmer. The lowlands are the best place to visit because it's the only habitable place. Summers are mild, and winters are cool. In Reykjavík, the average temperature is 52 °F (11 °C) in July and 30 °F (–1 °C) in January. The city gets about 30 inches (76 centimeters) of rain a year.


The official language of Iceland is Icelandic. Icelanders mostly belong to the state church, the National Church of Iceland.Some belong to the Lutheran Free Churches and a few belong to other Protestant churches or to the Roman Catholic Church. Most people do not have last name. They have a first name and a second name that combines the father's first name and -son for a male or -dottir for a female. Icelanders love sports, such as swimming. Iceland exports aluminum, animal feed, and fish and fish products.
Elemental Iceland


Fish is very popular in Iceland. Fish is grilled and served with bread and sauce. Some traditional fish recipes are: herring and home made whole wheat bread with Icelandic butter, fresh shrimp salad with vegetables and dried fish with Icelandic butter


The official currency of Iceland is krona. Iceland is a parliamentary constitutional republic. Suffrage is from 18 years of age and the president is elected by a direct vote and has no term limit. The term is 4 years. There is also a Government to rule the nation. The GDP is $1.4 billion and the unemployment rate is 6%. The President of the Republic is Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson. 1 US Dollar equals 131.66 Isk.


First, you have to fly on Delta Airline flight 3522 from ORD at 6:14 pm. You will arrive in Iceland at 9:05 am to following morning, after an hour stay at New York's JFK airport. This will cost $989 USD. Once in Iceland, rent a car to take you to Hotel Holt in the capital. Hotel Holt is a beautiful, quality hotel in the center of Reykjavik for 600 euros. It has a historical library, lounge, sitting room and bar, along with fabulous service. All week, you will walk in Reykjavik, five minutes away and eat there. You could also take buses to the places mentioned above. On the way back, fly Delta airlines from KEF to ORD at 10:35 am. You will stay for 3 hours in New York and will arrive back home at 6:06 pm that day.

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