Rocking and Rolling in Room 118

This Week in Room 118

This week we started our study on hummingbirds, made more advanced creations with the ramps, started shared journal, had a special visitor, and had a lot of fun!! They have all really taken off with shared journal. They are already doing great work. They are also all really enjoying exploring more about the hummingbirds. We are learning so much together every day.

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Writing Time

This week we started shared journal. One friend would share a story with a beginning, middle, and end. They would also share lots of details that we could write about. Everyone would then go and draw a picture of the story and write a sentence. The learners started off so well with this. The friends who shared this week had some really great stories to share. These included getting a dirt bike, going to a football game, having a bonfire, going out to dinner, and having fun at a birthday party. This gave us a variety of things to write about.

The focus right now is to draw a picture that matches the story. Most of our learners are starting to write at least a word about the story while we have others that are writing sentences. We are learning how to sound out words and write the sounds that we hear. This means that they will not always spell the word perfectly, but they are starting to get an understanding of how to put letters together to form words. I have also been introducing sight words during daily news. We add these words to the word wall and that way the learners know where to find them so they can add them to their writing. Once they have written their sentence they have to read it to me. This is getting them to understand that when they put letters together they form words and when they put words together they make sentences that they can then read. This is helping lay down the foundation for reading. They are starting to understand how to put all of this together and it is an exciting sight to see. At the end of the month I will send their journals home so that you can celebrate their great work.

Here is the schedule of who will share the next 2 week. Please help your child practice the story that they will share with us:

Monday 19- Avery

Tuesday 20- Easton

Wednesday 21- Grace

Thursday 22- Brandon

Friday 23- Hadley

Monday 26- Madison P.

Tuesday 27- Andre

Wednesday 28- Rodrigo

Thursday 29- Grayson

Friday 30- Madison T.

W.K 3 Use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to narrate a single event or several loosely linked events, tell about the events in the order in which they occurred, and provide a reaction to what happened.

L.K. 1 Begin to demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English grammar and usage when writing and speaking.

Hummingbird Study

We have started a study on hummingbirds. This came about because one of our learners mentioned during L.E.L.U time that they wanted to explore hummingbirds. We started doing some research and learned that hummingbirds like to eat nectar and that they hover at their feeders or flowers and do not perch.

We then went on a walk around our school and did not find any hummingbirds. We discussed why the learners thought there were no hummingbirds. Their reasons were that there were not many flowers and the ones we found were small, it was loud outside with everyone playing, and it was too hot.

The learners took pictures of the flowers we found on our walk.

We then discussed how we could bring hummingbirds to our school. We decided we needed to make feeders, houses, and plant more flowers. We created our own feeders out of water bottles. We found a recipe for nectar and we made nectar to put in our bottles. We are now in the process of putting our feeders out around the school to see if we can attract the hummingbirds to the school.

I also had a learner write a letter to the Master Gardener Association to see if they could come and talk to us about what flowers would attract hummingbirds. They have contacted me and said that they will see if they can have a speaker come and share with us.

Our next step will be to find out what flowers the hummingbirds like and to get them planted. We are also going to see if we need to create homes for the hummingbirds. Next week we will do our research on this and see where it takes us. If you know a hummingbird expert that would like to share more with us, please let me know!!

More Work with Ramps: Adding Chimes

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Ramps 2

Learning from Others

Today we were able to go and see the Rube Goldberg Machines that the sixth grade communities had constructed. Our learners were fascinated with what they had created. Later today in centers some of our learners decided to try and make their own Rube Goldberg machines. I think this is what they will be trying to construct now during block center time!

Mister Matt Comes to Read

Mr. Matt is the librarian at the Pike Road library and he comes to read to our children once a month. The learners always love when he comes to read because he can really bring a story to life!
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Our First Pep Rally!!

Lunch Visitors

We had several grandparents and parents come and eat lunch with us the past two weeks. We enjoy having visitors come and join us for our wonderful lunch time. If you would like to come for lunch we eat at 11:15 in our classroom. We can't wait to have you join us for lunch!!

Happy Birthday!!

We have celebrated two birthdays!! We love getting to celebrate with our friends.

Happy Birthday to Brycen and Darion!

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L.E.L.U (Learn, Explore, Love, Upgrade) Time

Our L.E.L.U time has really propelled our study on hummingbirds. Our learners wanted to explore more about how the hummingbirds eat. This led us to research how the hummingbirds eat, and to figuring out how to make the hummingbird feeders.

During this time we also talked about needing to upgrade being quiet while the speaker is talking. This led to a discussion about who the speaker was and the importance of being quiet so we could hear what they have to say. We did upgrade in this area and are now doing much better!

It also comes up every week that we love the playground! Everyone loves being outside and enjoying time with friends.

This is really a great time to reflect on our day and it helps us stay focused on what we need to be working on.

Field Trip

Thank you all for paying your field trip money this week. Next week we will start reading Pete the Cat books and learning more about his story. I can't wait for this trip in November!

A Few Reminders

These are just a few things to keep in mind for the upcoming weeks.
  • Thank you so much for making sure to contact be if there is a change in transportation. Remember if you have future changes in how your child is getting home please email me that way I can respond and you will know I got the note. If you do not hear back from me by 2:00 please call the office so that they can let me know. This just helps insure that your child always gets home safely.
  • Don't forget to order your Scholastic books. You will have until the end of September to do so.
  • You may start coming for lunch with your child if you would like. Our lunch time usually starts around 11:15. Please be mindful that this changes some days depending on how quickly the lunchroom can get our orders to us. If you are getting a lunch from the cafeteria please go and get your lunch before coming to the room to eat with us. We look forward to having you join us.
  • If you ever have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email me!

Wish List

This is a link to a wish list for our class. Included on this list will be books on topics that we are interested in as well as other things that we may need for our classroom. Thanks so much for helping enhance our learning in our classroom.

Other things we need:

  • playground balls

Thanks so much for sending in sugar and other supplies for our hummingbird feeders. I will send an email if we need more materials for feeders or houses. Thanks again.

Important Dates

September 26- Spirit Night at Cucos

September 27-30- Spirit Week!!

September 27- Camo Day

September 28- Crazy Hat/Sock Day

Septmber 29- Favorite Team Day

September 30- Tacky Day

Loving Learning at PRS!!

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