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Here is the place to look for resources to support learning at home through inquiry, authentic experiences, student choices, and reflection.

We will work together as a community! Thank you for all that you do!

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Woodrow Wilson School- An IB World School

We are proud to be an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Progamme (IB PYP) World School. IB PYP schools share a common philosophy – a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education. Learning experiences focus on the development of the whole child as an inquirer and a life-long learner. We value international-mindedness and students strive to demonstrate the IB Learner Profile every day.

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Do you know what it means that Woodrow Wilson School is an International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP) School??? Mrs Flugrad created this website to help parents, students, and teachers better understand why our school is special as part of a world-wide learning community of IB PYP Schools. There is a page about how to support IB Learning at home too!

How are you being Balanced at home?

"I am trying to be BALANCED at home by taking care of my brain and my body. I take care of my brain by reading books, taking online classes, and practicing Portuguese with the Duolingo app. I take care of my body by going on walks, playing with my cat Nala, and dancing with online Zumba classes." ~ Ms. Flugrad, IB PYP Coordinator

5 de maio de 2020

Bilingual fourth grader Bruno Rosa created a Minecraft city for Teachers Appreciation Week. In addition to being a principled and communicative student, Bruno is a true thinker. In his virtual city he created a replica of the Eiffel Tower, a museum, and a flowery path with caring messages at the end.

Bruno also is caring and reflective about how to take action to make a difference in the world. Read about how Bruno won $100 and decided to donate all of the money to different organizations in Framingham and in Brazil to help others!

Click here to read in English: "Big Money, Big Responsibility"

Click here to read in Portuguese: "Dinheiro grande, grande responsabilidade"

Learn, Create, Play, Care, and Explore at home!

How can we take care of our brain and body to be BALANCED?

How can we REFLECT on how we are feeling, what we are doing, and what we are learning every day?

How can we develop SELF-MANAGEMENT SKILLS to organize our daily schedule and show responsibility at home?

This blog by Katie Martin has some helpful tips for "How Might We Prioritize What Matters Most in a Time of Uncertainty?Here is another good article from Edutopia by Simone Kern about Why Learning at Home Should Be More Self-Directed—and Less Structured. Let's try to find BALANCE and develop SELF-MANAGEMENT SKILLS by reflecting and setting personal goals each day for how we will learn, create, play, care, and explore! Here are some graphic organizers that you can print to use or you can create your own versions to help you learn and reflect.

Weekly Planner- English

Weekly Planner-Portuguese

Daily Planner- English

Daily Planner- Portuguese

Daily Reflection- English

Daily Reflection- Portuguese

IB Learner Profile Reflection- English

IB Learner Profile Reflection- Portuguese

ATL Skills Reflection- English

ATL Skills Reflection- Portuguese

IB Key Concepts for Research- English

IB Key Concepts for Research- Portuguese

What will you LEARN today to be KNOWLEDGEABLE?

Here are some ideas:

read a book

write a journal entry about your day

practice a language with Rosetta Stone

play a math game

watch an educational video

iReady or Imagine Learning

What will you CREATE today to be a THINKER?

Here are some ideas:

draw a picture

do an Engineering Design Challenge

film a video

compose a song


create a treasure hunt

design a game

doodle with Mo Willems

What will you PLAY today to be BALANCED?

Here are some ideas:

a math card game

a video game

a dance party

a board game

Readers Theater

play a coding game

How will you be CARING today?

Here are some ideas:

write a kind letter to a family member or friend

draw positive messages with sidewalk chalk

help clean your house

call someone you care about to see how they are doing

watch & dance to Unicef Kid Power videos and earn RUTF packets

How will you EXPLORE and be an INQUIRER today?

Here are some ideas:

go on a nature hike with your family

research a topic that you are curious about (can the IB Key Concepts help you?)

explore suggested websites on the Woodrow Wilson School newsletter

go on a virtual field trip

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How are you doing? Your Woodrow Wilson teachers miss you!

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