Which form of science is Paleontology a part of?

Life because they examine fossils of plants and animals.

What are some classes you need to take?

You need a masters degree in Paleontology, some classes that would be helpful would be, biology, foreign language of the area you want to work in, more than one language would help a lot, geology, trigonometry, and advanced algebra. Some classes you would need to take in college would be, biology Earth geography and Planetary Science for undergrad classes, then they would need to take a Paleontology Major.

Where would one go?

University of Southern Florida.

The course is an online course, but the college is in an urban area.

For the major.

The page didn't give answers to most of the questions

How often would you work?

They work in many different locations usually wherever something is.

Youd work 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset.

Where would you work?

It would be very hard to get a job in Northeastern Wisconsin, but you can get jobs in many other places.

You would go somewhere with a team and dig.

What would one make?

Wi National

Entry $41,300 vs $43,820

Median $67,660 vs $82,500

Experienced $109,080 vs $160,910

Would I do this for a living?

I would never do this because I have already chosen what I want to do with my life.


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