The Hobbit

Connecting modern literature to Greek myths

About the novel...

Imagine living in a nice home, quiet life, never gone on any adventure or done anything out of the ordinary. Now imagine a group of dwarves show up at your little home, and tell you that you are now a burglar. They tell stories of their homeland being taken from them by a dragon, and they want you to help reclaim it.

Featuring Bilbo Baggins as the Protagonist

Bilbo baggins is a hobbit, about half the size of an ordinary man, if not shorter. His height makes him an ideal burglar, much like how Hercules' strength helps him on his quest.

Personal Review of the Book

I really enjoyed this book. There is nothing i would change to it. It's a compelling story that doesn't get boring. Greek mythology connects with modern literature all the time. Exciting fights such as Hercules and Medusa, a hero going against the villain. When hope seems lost, when the fog blocks out the light, somehow, the hero pulls through and wins.


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