Copyright & Liscenses

By: Mark Lloyd

What is copyright?

Copyright is a collection of rights given to the author of a piece of work. These rights include the right to sell it, alter it, lend it, and lease it. The second something is in a tangible form, it is copyrighted.

What is a liscense?

License are given by authors of a copyrighted work, and allow the licensee to use the work depending on the license. Below are many different kinds of licenses.

1 - Public Domain

Public domain is an item that is free to the public to use in any way, for the following reasons:
  • The copyright has expired
  • Donated work
  • Made by public money
An example of this is older literature, such as Romeo & Juliet.

2 - Freeware

Freeware is a copyrighted work (often software) that is given away to the public for free.
An example of this are media players, such as ITunes, and Windows Media Player.

3 - Shareware

Shareware is a copyrighted work(often software) that is free to use for a limited time.
An example of this, would be a game demo, such as the XCOM demo.

4 - All Rights Reserved

All Rights Reserved is a copyright on an item that causes the purchaser of the item to only use it according to a purchase agreement.
An example of this would be Adobe's programs.

5 - Open Source

Open Source is a copyright(often software) that gives the public access to the source code so the public may change, or improve the product.
An example of this would be many Valve games, including Left 4 Dead 2.