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Researching Distribution of Funds With Charities for Kids

Researching the Distribution of Funds With Charities for Kids

Charities for kids that support medical research efforts are more prevalent than ever today, which is a very good thing for the families of children who suffer from painful, debilitating diseases. From juvenile diabetes to juvenile arthritis to leukemia to autistic spectrum disorders, there are numerous medical issues that deserve attention, and researchers working hard to find cures that need money to continue going.

Charities for kids that fund these researchers are doing incredible work, especially when they oversee their donations properly. It’s critical to find a charity that ensures the proper distribution of its funds; the majority of the money should be used to help children and fund research, rather than pay for administrative costs. Charities for kids that fund medical research are analyzed, evaluated and rated on websites like:


· Better Business Bureau’s National Charity Report Index

· Guidestar

These are very good resources for helping to select charities for kids to support. For example, Charity Navigator gave the Arthritis National Research Foundation (ANRF) four stars for six consecutive years because the group donates more than 90 cents of every dollar to researching a cure for juvenile arthritis, and supporting the kids that are affected by it. Charities for kids that are transparent and maintain good accountability to their donors are the only groups that receive high ratings from this outstanding charity watchdog group. Going here to know more about charity for kids.

Before you give to any charities for kids, make sure you do adequate research to be sure you are choosing an organization that is worthy of your money and time. Once you have done that, you can give with confidence and an expectation that your support will be appreciated.