Scientific Revolution

Jose C 6th Period

What was the change?

The change brought: natural science and technological changes. This would eventually help people understand why the sun was actually at the center of the earth. But the scientific revolution was, in reality, a series of changes in the structure of European thought itself:systematic doubt, empirical and sensory verification, the abstraction of human knowledge into separate sciences, and the view that the world functions like a machine.This modification in world view can also be charted in painting, sculpture and architecture; you can see that people of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries are looking at the world very differently.The change led people to look at the world differently.

Who were the people associated with the change?

Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton was the one who finished the theory. One day he was sitting under a tree, when an apple fell on his head.he started to think about it .That was when he put all the theories together and discovered gravity. He created the laws of motion.

how did the change impact society at the time?

Many people rejected it at first. After a while people began thinking of individualism and basic belief of in equality. This led some of the most famous revolutions like American Revolution, and French Revolution. Changing their point of view forever. These were some of the effects for the time period.

How is that change evidenced in today's society?

It has given us freedom. Without all these revolutions we would have never evolved. If people were to afraid to show their work they would never have been heard of. Today we would still think the earth is the center of the universe. This proving that the revolution has changed the future forever.