CCOG Newsletter

Weekly Updates

Reflections from Pastor Jennifer

I believe that God planted the seed of His word within our hearts yesterday. The message regarding grief - that it can be good, that it is certainly necessary - is a message that was beneficial to me. I heard feedback from many of you that the Spirit ministered to you. Please remember that our brokenness does not repel God. He does not tap His foot and check His watch, wanting us to hurry up and get better. He is near to the broken hearted. He sits with us through any kind of grief we experience.

Results from Planning Session

Thank you so much for spending extra time yesterday in our planning session! It was so encouraging to see everyone working together, sharing ideas, and looking forward to ministry in the months to come.

The next step will be to look over your notes to see any common ideas. If both groups mentioned the same ministry opportunity, we definitely want to implement that one. Some common threads I noticed were police/firefighter support, visiting the elderly (in nursing homes and/or shut-ins), and more phone contact.

These ideas demonstrate the ministry opportunities that you feel strongly about. As we look forward to planning for 2023, please know that you can claim a month at any time. If you want to head up a particular activity, please let me know. We will do our best to provide resources that are needed for success.

Thank you, again!

Chris Tomlin, Elevation Worship - YAHWEH (No One) (Lyric Video)