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GCJHS - January 10, 2022


1. WELCOME TO 2022! Unfortunately our return to school comes at a time when we are seeing the numbers of COVID-19 cases spike to levels we have not experienced in nearly a year. Below you can read the letter sent to your parents from Dr. Harold Olin, Superintendent of Schools. Dr. Olin addresses the COVID-19 numbers and how mask use has helped us increase the number of students we are able to keep in the classroom as opposed to sitting out of school due to exposure to others who test positive for COVID-19.

2. WE NEED YOUR HELP :) As we return to school be sure to have a mask and wear it properly when appropriate during your time at school. We've had a number of students who have been dependent on the school to provide daily disposable masks. Our supply of those masks is dwindling and will run out soon. Please make sure you have a mask and a back up (in case you lose one) each day. Everyone's cooperation with mask usage will help us continue to minimize the number of days students must be away from school due to COVID exposure.

3. Quarter 2/Semester 1 Report Cards are NOW available in your PowerSchool account.

4. Mrs. Evers (GCJHS Choir Director) is being recognized for her continued excellence in education by being named the 2021 NFHS Outstanding Music Educator from Indiana.
She will be recognized at the Indiana Statehouse on Monday, February 14th as part of the Indiana Arts Education Network’s Arts Education Day. A very special plaque and certificate will be presented to her during the recognition ceremony. Congratulations Mrs. Evers!!!!!

5. Help us CELEBRATE our December Students of the Month! They were selected by our staff members. Check out the list below.

6. NWEA assessments for Grade 7 only will start on January 20th.

ELA will test Jan. 20-21

Science will test Jan. 24-25

Math will test Jan. 26-27

Make Ups will occur through Feb. 2

7. Are you in need of Food Support? Check out the Food Support Resources 2021-2022 document in the download section below to find locations and times for specific food support.

8. FREE Movie @ Legacy Cinema. Show your NASA Hancock County Student Identification Card and receive FREE admission the third weekend of December, January & February. More info can be found at https://nasa-hancock.com/

9. New menus for 2nd semester can be found in the flyer section below.

10. AS COLD WEATHER SETS IN . . . . A Warming Center is available in Greenfield at The Landing, 18 West South St. The Greenfield Christian Church (22 N. East St.) and the Evangel Church (1221 E. Main St.) will serve as backup sites, as will the Hancock Hope House. The Warming Center is for all individuals and families who may be without safe adequate heat. The Center will be open from 7pm to 8am on nights when the temperature is below 30 degrees or the wind child is below 20 degrees, with flexibility for things like precipitation.

Individuals wishing to volunteer at the warming center are asked to call Jim Peters @ 317-372-2304.

11. Are you an 8th grader that reads for fun? A student that is a competitive person who enjoys the thrill of victory? Then talk with them about signing up for Battle of the Books, 2022! Call out meeting is Thursday, January 13 at 7:45am in Ms. Wheeler's room (B144). If they can't attend, but are still interested, their ELA teacher will post a Google Form for them to fill out. Or have them click here . . .

12. Colton has a new poll this week. Click here to let him know 'What's your favorite season?'

December's Students of the Month (selected by GCJHS Staff Members)

Carolina Sanders

Paige McCarley

Katie Rigney

Jonathon Grimes

Maycie Succaw

Jullian Anderson

Hunter Franklin

Sonnet Masters

Keegan Munden

Marli Griffin

Taylor Duncombe

Charles Murnan

Samaya Taylor

Landon Frieden

Addy Taft

Harper Rahe

Cale Caldwell

Elise Ford

Brooklyn Barnett

Mackenna Hardebeck

Savvanna Riall

Grayson Young

Alex Lawson

Nevaeh Spurling

Braden Murray

Haley Ward

Kensington Dickerson

Madilyn Moss

Josiah Johnson

Sarah Paul

BB Amissah

Peyton Cook

Nathaniel Taylor

Nick Dean

AJ Smith

Madison Crockett

Evelyn Schurger

Jonathan Grimes

Kensington Diefenderfer

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Welcome back everyone to school! I hope everyone had a good break!

History Segment by Aidan Bow . . .

History Segment


January 9th 1861

On the 9th Of January 1861 A Union Merchant ship was shot at by Southerns, as it tried to get to Fort Sumter. It was some of the first shots fired between the Union and Confederacy however it didn’t start the civil war.



January 10th 1920

On January 10th 1920 the treaty of Versailles took effect which made Germany weaken its military and make it lose land.



January 11th 1787

On January 11th 1787 the moon of Uranus named Titania was discovered by William Herschel. It is the second farthest moon from Uranus and is smaller than the Moon.



January 12th 2020

Like most days in 2020 something bad happened, on this day the Taal Volcano Erupted spewing ash and rocks into the sky killing 39 people.



January 13th 2012

On January 13th 2012 the ship known as the Costa Concordia hit a rock after entering shallow water, the ship later capsized and sank killing 32 people.



January 14th 2008

On January 14th 2008 the Messenger probe did its first flyby of Mercury getting only 200K Km from its surface, after 2 more flyby’s it would flybe Mercury again this time entering Mercury orbit.



January 15th 1967

On January 15th 1967 the very first Super Bowl in NFL/AFL history was played, the two teams who would play during the first super bowl where the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs after a long hard played game the Green Bay Packers came out victorious.


FUN Facts by Anna Lineback . . . .

•Dead skin cells are a main ingredient in household dust

•German chocolate cake was invented in Texas

•Japan has one vending machine for every 40 people

•Lemons float, but limes sink

•McDonald’s once made bubblegum-flavored broccoli

•There’s only one letter that doesn’t appear in any U.S. state name- Q

•Scotland has 421 words for snow

•Samsung tests phone durability with a butt-shaped robot

•The longest English word is 189,819 letters long

•Most Disney characters wear gloves to keep animation simple

•Apples are in the rose family

•The man with the world’s deepest voice can make sounds humans can’t hear

•Thanks to 3D printing, NASA can basically email tools to astronauts

•Avocados were named after reproductive organs

•No number before 1,000 contains the letter A

•Movie trailers originally played after the movie

•Theodore Roosevelt had a pet hyena

•Bees can fly higher than Mount Everest

•Red is the first color a baby can see

•White is the most popular car color

•Potatoes were the first vegetable to be grown in space

•Bananas are technically herbs



WELCOME TO SCHOOL LUNCH REVIEWS! MY NAME IS ANNA STUDER, AND I AM A FOOD CRITIC. I HAVE BEEN TAKING PHOTOS OF MY LUNCH SINCE THE THIRD MONDAY OF SCHOOL. I don’t want to make the lunch ladies look bad, because they have to make lunch for 600 students a day, and the government won't let them make things that they could last year, so imagine how difficult it must be. THEY WORK SO HARD, AND I JUST WANT TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT. In place of my usual restaurant review, I am doing the holiday meal. I HOPE YOU ENJOY!

I hope you thought my reviews were somewhat accurate! Thanks for checking out the lunch(and also restaurant) ratings by me, Anna Studer, Food Reviewer. See you next week!
Meme of the week Very relatable. If the gif doesn’t work, the guy is slicing a very, very thin slice of apple off to give to the person asking if they can have his food.

MEME OF THE WEEK - Very relatable. If the gif doesn’t work, the guy is slicing a very, very thin slice of apple off to give to the person asking if they can have his food.

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Here's the schedule if we need to have a 2 Hour Delay this school year.

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