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The most important change was to have the city pay a salary to its officials. This meant that poor citizens could afford to hold a public office. He introduced reforms that strengthened democracy.

mount Olympus gods and goddesses

Wherever the Greeks lived, they built temples to the gods. The Greek took great care when it came to honoring their gods. They wished to give thanks and to receive blessings. They also tried to avoid angering the gods.Although the Greeks worshiped all their gods, each city-state honored one of the twelve gods, in part by building a temple to that god.


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The search for knowledge

The visual and dramatic arts

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The visual arts of greece

The ancient Greeks devoted great attention to their arts. The Greeks used visual arts, such as architecture and sculpture, to glorify and honor their gods. The ancient Greeks are also known as the first playwrights, or people who wright plays.

What i enjoyed about this

I liked that it wasnt on paper and she gave us enough time to submit it on edmodo. I also liked that she didnt make it feel like we were rushed to do this project. I really enjoyed that it was on the computer.