Me and stuff

Im 17 years old i live in happy valley oregon. i like to play basketball and relax around the house. i live with my mom and stepdad. you can find me either in the gym or with friends at most times. ive been flying by myself since i was seven. im a little bit of a sneaker head shoes are almost the best thing to me. school makes me really tired until basketball season starts then its fun.

my favorite stories

i honestly cant remember the last book i read but there was a book about this boy i read back in 7th grade if i remember correctly. he was on and island by his self for some months and had to learn to survive and it taught him things while he was out there about feelings and some other stuff that would have to be my favorite book i just cant remember the name of it. Another book i enjoyed was about this boy who lived in the hood and loved to play basketball his dad didnt want him because he didnt know how to read and his grades in school werent good enough to play basketball. he ran away for awhile but got beaten up and robbed one night but his dad nad been searching for him found him and took him to the hospital. a lot more happens after that but i enjoyed that book as well
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