The Rally Over the Government

By Chad

Victory for third children

Yesterday in Washington D.C the third children set up a rally over the government. Jen was the leader of this Rally and she was a powerful leader. Jen invited all the third children into her house for a meeting on how to set up the rally which will be held in Washington D.C on Wednesday at 12:00pm. She made plans to stop the government so that parents can have third children. Jen thinks that they should go to the President’s house the place where they will stop the President from making this rule of parents not having third children. Jen’s plans were set and now they will go to Washington D.C to start the rally.

Beginning the Rally

The Rally began in Washington D.C and Jen leads the children to the President’s house. The President went out the window and saw that there were many children outside of his house. The President ordered the children to get out of his house but they won’t give up without a fight. Then they started a fight with the government and Jen ordered the President to change the rule. So the government allowed parents to have a third child and Jen wins the rally. After the rally the President was upset and should’ve made great plans to stop Jen’s rally.