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Distance Learning Edition for the week of 5/25

Important information in this newsletter

  • Learning Plan for This Week
  • Last Week Theme Days
  • Field Week May 22-27
  • As the End of the Year Approaches

Learning plan for week of 5/25

First Grade Learning Plan for the week of 5/25

There are fun end of year reflection activities for students in the Learning Plan, but I would love if you could have your child work on some Cowboys & Cowgirls specific end of year reflections first. :)

  • Cowboy and Cowgirls End of Year slide show in Seesaw. (Please complete by 5/27)
  • End of Year Self-Portrait in Seesaw (Students made a self-portrait at the beginning of the year (in their bag of supplies), and I planned to have them complete another self-portrait at the end of the year for them to see just how much they've grown.)
  • Classmate Reflection form in Seesaw. (Please complete by 5/27)

Students will spend this week reflecting on their time in 1st grade!

Click the link below for our last week theme days...

Field Week May 22-27

Why just have a Field Day when you can have a Field Week??

Click here for information about this year's Field Week.

As the End of the Year approaches...

Are you leaving us?

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