Discovering Death

Methods of Burial for Everyone!

Origins of Burial

reasons why and when

  • respectful way to get rid of a dead body
  • prevents the spread of bacteria
  • preserves the body for the afterlife

  1. originates in middle east
  2. mainly occurred in caves
  3. Neanderthals might have intentionally buried

Catholic Funerals

  • belief in the afterlife; heaven or hell as destinations
  • last rites are given; blessing over someone before they die
  • prayers and speeches are said for the person
  • burial in a coffin and cremation are both acceptable


  • belief in afterlife; either heaven or hell
  • everyone related to the deceased places a shovelful of dirt on the coffin until completely buried
  • the coffin must be made of nothing but wood
  • prayers are said over the body
  • rocks are placed on the grave instead of flower; rocks are forever
  • buried within 24 hours if possible


  • no afterlife
  • speeches given revolve around the life the person lead
  • coffins and food are generally based on family preferences
  • all forms of body treatment are acceptable