Investing is Like..

By; Danielle Ninedorf

Invest... What is it?

Investing is a way to put money towards a business of thing hoping to both help the company or object grow and become better as well as making a profit.

Investing is a lot like Colored pencils. First there are some many different was to invest but you shan’t as they say "Put all the eggs into one basket" or you should not put all you money into one investment place. It is like putting only one color in a box of colored pencils. You can invest in mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and real-estate. These investments are like the basic color. Then you have chooses to make your investment more narrow down to what you want to invest in because there are some many types of bonds, stocks, mutual funds and real-estate. This is like the shades of the basic color, where you have to mix two colors or more to get that color.

Investing Tips

Things you need to know about investing!!

Investing can be risky so you never want to put in an amount of money you might not get back. You must also learn and know all the rules to the investment you make so you know how flexible you can take you money out. You must trust the invester and the buisness so you don't get cheated on and stolen from.