Welcome October

WOW! What a FUNRUN event!

You made this possible! $32,000! Simply Amazing!

The adrenaline was flowing as the little pitchers hurled the ball at the target. It was an amazing time and I deeply thank all of you for contributing to this fundraiser. Hope you had fun-I sure did!

This district is simply remarkable!

The day was crisp with blue skies that went on forever. The music added to the energy that the kids already had flowing! The pledge funrun was a huge hit and we all had a blast! Please enjoy the pics below.

Maker Space Update

Every so often, there will be a brief article and photos about our lively new addition to our Primary School academic program. Each grade level has its own series of projects to learn about and acquire new skills. Be sure to talk with your children about this new learning place.

Mike Budisch

Here are a couple of our students collaborating and playing cooperatively on a piece of equipment that I found to be quite unique. it is a terrific example of kids having fun together. That's the whole idea right?