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me shyla

i like to hang with some friends and mess with them i have 2 dogs at my moms and 3 at my dads.12 chickens.2 cows but one is getting butchered so really 1.i went to flordia in July i love the place so nice.well i love horses dads name is Robbie. my moms name is Kristy . i have 6 brothers and 2 sisters. i live mostly with my mom but i love them the same and the love me.i like to hunt and fish and ride some horses oh ya i have to pony they are nice i love them .oh ya and 1 donkey and 1 goat. they live at my dads well grandma and grandpa i like them all. i love in harrisonville i like to swim and hang my bff is Hayden, Dakotah , and Kayla they are so cool.