Panther Pride .

Norfolk Junior High

By Alaina Villalpando

Twilight By: Catherine Hardwicke

Bella Swan has always been a bit different, she never cared about fitting in with any of the trendy students at her Phoenix, Arizona high school. When Bella’s mom remarried she chose to live with her dad in the small & rainy town of Forks, Washington and didn’t expect anything to change. But things do change when she meets the beautiful, mysterious, Edward Cullen. Edward was different than any boy Bella had ever met, He could run faster than a normal boy, he could even stop a car with his bare hands! He was very intelligent, and seemed to see straight into her soul. And of course Edward and Bella became very attracted to each other in no time. But Edward was still different, and Bella had found out, like any other ‘’immortal person” Edward was a vampire! Edward’s family was unlike any other vampires, they had a very unique sense of living style, they did not drink human blood. But nothing mattered to Edward anymore when he met Bella, because to Edward Bella was the person he has waited 90 years for, a person to call his wife, a soul mate. The movie, Twilight was a great movie because, Bella Risks everything when she moves to Forks, Washington and falls in love with a vampire. She practically has two lives, one with her family and friends, and one with Edward and his family.

History of Volleyball

Volleyball began at Springfield college where the first game of Official volleyball was actually played, approximately 118 years ago!

When Volleyball was invented it was a much different sport from today. In today's Volleyball there are four main steps: bumping, setting, spiking, serving, and don’t forget a lot of shuffling! If you want to bump correctly you have to use your platform on your mid-arm and your legs to push the ball to your target. To Set you have to push the ball up in the air with your fingers and the thumb and try to get it to your target. If you're planning on Spiking then you got to do your correct footwork to jump high and Spike the ball! When it’s your turn to serve don’t worry, just step with your left foot, throw the ball up and hit it while pulling your right foot forward.

In 1900 a special ball was made just for the sport of volleyball. Volleyball is the second most popular sport in the world today! In today's Volleyball there are 6 players on the court at once. In a game a team can hit the ball one, two, or three times to get the ball over the net and to the team they're playing against. A volleyball net is about 7 feet 5 inches tall.

The original name for volleyball was mintonette, but later on people decided to name it volleyball. Volleyball began in the Olympics in 1964! In volleyball there’s so much moving around and jumping that most players jump about 300 times per game! It just goes to show volleyball is harder than you think

Humpty Dumpty Fell

This morning around 10:00 a.m. Mr. Humpty Dumpty sat on the North Wall, and Mr. Dumpty also had a great fall. Humpty Dumpty couldn’t move, so all the king's horses and all the king's men took Humpty Dumpty to the West Wall Hospital! The doctors and nurses could not fix him or put him back together, so they gave Mr. Humpty Dumpty back to the men. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men tried to put Humpty together again! They tried and they tried over again, but all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again!

My Favorite App, Instagram (:

You probably have heard about it by now, but if you didn’t know what Instagram was before today you're about to find out why this app is so popular!

That’s because Facebook has recently bought Instagram for a total one million dollars! Instagram is a very simple app to use, You can snap a quick picture, add a filter, tag people, and even add your own quote at the bottom of your picture! You can also share your Instagram photos and quotes with other Social Networks. You can share your photos with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and even foursquare.

Homework should be Eliminated!

I think homework should eliminated because some people have sports and other things to do after school, and when they get home they're tired or don't have time to do homework. If they don't do their homework, then they will get in trouble at school! Students stay up really late and don't get enough sleep, and the next day they're super tired and it's hard for them to pay attention and learn, or even stay awake during class! So in the end, it’s harder for some students to learn!

Auto Biography: Alaina Villalpando

Alaina Villalpando Currently lives in New Jersey where she pursues her dream job of working as a Physical Therapist. She has long dark brown hair, is 5’9, and has hazel eyes. She attended Norfolk Senior High school and enjoyed playing Volleyball and basketball. She also was on Student council, and helped out with the yearbook. Her first job was being a nail stylist. Alaina went to the University of Austin Texas and studied to be a physical Therapist. Alaina got married and had two beautiful children. One boy, Cu’Maro and one girl, Karissa. She now lives in New Jersey with her husband and children. She is still a Physical Therapist but during her free time she likes to spend time with her children, draw, do nails, and of course go shopping. As Alaina got older she got another degree in Physical Therapy and continued her career. When Alaina retired she spent lots of time traveling with her husband, two children, and her five grandchildren. They traveled to Barcelona, Paris, Europe, France, and Brazil.