Ms. Foster's Class News

December 1, 2014

Important Information

  • This time of year can get crazy. Please remind your child that we will be working hard up until Christmas break.
  • We will be having several additional assessments in the next two weeks. These are quarterly assessments required by the district.
  • I will be out of the classroom December 11 in the afternoon.

Hour of Code

This week is the national Hour of Code week. It encourages students to learn how of write code on a computer. During our weekly keyboarding lesson, Ms. Burleson will teach us about coding and we will do an activity involving coding.

This video explains why coding is important.

Why Our Kids Must Learn to Code

Dates to Remember

Library is Tuesday.

Math Topic 8 Study Guide is due December 17. It was sent home already!!!

Our Reading Log is due December 12.

December 17 - The fourth grade teachers will be working at the Freddy's Fundraiser.

December 19 - Early Release

Christmas Break starts December 22

Our Lewis and Clark Presentations

Several students created a digit project using a program called Voicethread. If you would like to view them, please go to:

The username is your child's lunchcode and the password is francis.

Curriculum Notes for Week 1

Reading: We are continuing our Historical Fiction Unit. This week we focus on perspective. Students should be finishing their historical fiction novel this week.

Week 5 Vocabulary: coward, endurance, persevere, landmark

Writing: This week we start writing our literary essays on our historical fiction novels.

Spelling: Test Friday. Our new spelling patterns are: silent letters: mn, mb, wr, gn

Math: This week in Math we continue Topic 8 which addresses 2 by 2 digit multiplication. This topic is difficult so we are taking it slow. Please consider practicing 2 by 2 digit multiplication problems with your child each evening. There will be facts quiz on Friday. Topic 8 test will be December 19. Study Guide is due December 17.

Social Studies: We are discussing the pioneers moving west and the hardships that they encountered.

Math Topic 8 Objectives

  • Multiply 2-digit factors with arrays.
  • Multiply using arrays and an expanded algorithm with partial products.
  • Multiply 2-digit factors by multiples of 10.
  • Multiply two 2-digit numbers.
  • Solve problems that involve two questions.

Reading and Writing Objectives for 2nd Quarter:

Reading Objectives:

  • Use a variety of texts to infer in order to explain historical events and consider alliterate perspectives of characters.
  • Read and compare and contrast expository nonfiction, narrative nonfiction, and historical nonfiction, paying attention to the importance of the setting.
  • Read and use primary documents and text to gain understanding and knowledge of historical events.
  • Gather information about a historical fiction text and learn about a specific time period.
  • Research and analyze firsthand and secondhand accounts, charts, graphs, and maps.
Writing Objectives:
  • Write in a variety of formats to reflect on learning.
  • Elaborate on thoughts and ideas using details from the text.
  • Express opinions in writing using reasons and details to support opinions clearly.
  • Compose a literary essay using transitions to link ideas, and writing introductions and conclusions.
Content Objectives:
  • Evaluate the impact of the westward expansion on Native Americans
  • Locate and describe settlements to Missouri of people of European and African heritage

  • Summarize the events of westward expansion

  • Sequence events of the Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark Expedition

  • Explain Missouri's role in Civil War
  • Describe the changes in Missouri since the Civil War in education, transportation, and communication
  • Outline issues of Missouri Statehood, such as the Missouri Compromise