Eno River Academy Counselor

2017-18 Quarter #2 Elizabeth Tricomi, School Counselor

Career Day 2017

Eno River Academy students in 9-11th and 7th and 8th grades were able to sign up to hear 3 different Career Day speakers! We appreciate all the wonderful speakers we had participate!

High School Student Career Speakers

Presenter and Career

Josh Coburn--Chef

Jeff Coburn--Auto Mechanic

Jenn Pierce--Nurse

Ms. Snider--Social Worker

Hillsborough Police Department

Gavin Phillips--Business & Marketing

Dr. Chris Konvalinka--Veterinarian

Mr. Snider--Medical Profusionist

Mr. Hildebrand--Engineering

Dr. Loftin--Attorney

Middle School Career Speakers

Presenter and Career

Scott Martin--Chef

Carly Newburn--Echocardiograms

Avis Barnes--Social Worker

Sheriff Blackwood--Criminology

Erica Romkema--Agriculture

Rachel Monschein--Environmental Science

Will Tricomi--Attorney

Srg. Rebar--Military

Crystal Lincoln--Surgical Technician

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Advisory lessons this quarter

9th--Getting Involved; Cyberbullying; Final Exam Preparation

10th-- Learning to be Empathetic; PreACT Testing information; Final Exam Preparation

11th--Do something; College Applications: How to market yourself?; Final Exam Preparation

These lessons can be found on my website: http://erahighschoolcounselor.weebly.com/

Additional Classroom Lessons

9th grade classes: Setting up CFNC account, Completing the Career Key, and taking the Myers Briggs Personality Indicator

11th grade classes: Resume & Curriculum Vitae

Civics & Econ classes: Reality Check on CFNC and viewing "Living on One Dollar"

These lessons were done during English and history classes, so they will be repeated next semester for any students not taking those courses this semester.

7th and 8th-grade classes: Responsibility & Decision Making

College and Career Promise meetings

Representatives from Durham Tech Community College come to ERA to meet with students and parents!

10/19 Student meeting during lunch

10/23 6:00 Parent Meeting

There is a pdf of the presentation on 10th and 11th grade tabs on my website: http://erahighschoolcounselor.weebly.com/

Marine Recruiter comes to meet with interested students

October 26th-- We had a good turn out for our Marine Recruiter.

Here is his information:

US Marines

Sergeant Scott M. Rebar

919-638-0723 cell

1125 NC-54 Suite 305D

Durham, NC 27707

10th grade Student Meetings

We met individually with each 10th grade student to discuss the following:

* Updates on career interests, review Career Day experience

* New thoughts about colleges

* Discussion of ACT and SAT test prep options

* Check on course progress and schedule for Spring semester

Craft Kits for UNC Children's hospital

During lunch on December 4th and 5th, Eno River Academy students made craft kits and sent letters to children at UNC hospital. These kits were to brighten the day for children at the hospital.
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