Deliberate Action Toward Awesome

PLC, RTI, & DATA.... oh my!

How can I help my kids the best?

  • Create challenging lessons that are geared for the top half of the class academically
  • Utilize the workshop model
  • Concept refinement lessons are in the lesson plans daily
  • Document who is continually coming to CR time each day
  • Engage the kids in their learning
  • Formative spot checks every 4-5 days or when the content changes, intervene early
  • PLC's will be used to strengthen tier one instruction
  • Spend time understanding what your teaching

Concept Refinement

How does it work?

Every day you teach a lesson in math or reading, you are to have time built in for conceptual refinement. With the lessons geared to the upper half of your kids you will have students that may need a little extra boost on the days lesson. Pull no more than 5 students to your table to reteach this concept. If you have more than five that are struggling with it, then good chance the whole class needs a reteach with a different strategy. You are to spend no more than about 15 minutes at the CR table. Document each day who is at the table and the date. The concept or skill and how you taught it will be in lesson plans, therefore you will not have to document this again. Lisa will pick up your documentation every Friday. From this she will be able to talk with you and help you to better serve your student in the classroom.

Response to Intervention

Students learn best from their peers in a classroom setting. Students that are at least two - three years behind may be served outside the classroom, however not always. The best medicine we can give struggling students is top notch classroom instruction and strategies. We must have differentiated instruction for our students needs and embedded intervention built into the day. Tier one instruction in the classroom fixes 80% of our kids needs as a campus. The main way to determine the success of your classroom is through daily progress monitoring of your students learning. We can't just teach it and stop there, we must know if students learned it. This goes back to our four PLC questions, what is it I want them to learn, what do I do if they already know it, how do I know if they know it, and what do I do if they don't know it. Remember to keep these in the forefront of your mind daily and it will help guide you. A few changes for RTI this year,

  • Lisa Zamzow will be picking up the CR documentation every Friday
  • Support staff will be coming into the class to support students
  • Based on CR documentation, the RTI team will give suggestions and support in the classroom to you before ever coming to a tier 2 referral.
  • Lisa will bring the suggested tier 2 referrals to administration, share data and documentation done in the classroom. You will be invited to a tier 2 meeting once all data has been discussed.
  • Tier 1 is about trying several strategies before going to a tier 2 referral.
  • Monitor, monitor, monitor