The History of Bubbelgum

By: Cecelia Gallo


Surprise! Surprise! It`s the official day you learned how gum is made! (Psst: don`t tell anyone the secret ingredient which is ... tree resent?) oh well lets get on with it! :):):):):):):)


It all starts in the gum bace. The gum bace is mixed with gluecose syrup ( it makes the gum soft. ) Then they pour in dextrose ( it makes the gum tasty. ) Mmmmmmmm! Tasty. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):).


It is melted all together then they are transported to the factory to get cooled off. Then they are put in packages and get delivered to stores. I think I might go to the store to get some gum. Follow me.


They buy gum to chew on it and blow bubbles too. people LOVE gum am I right? :) since we have talked about it we should like just go ahhhhhhhh sugar rush!


Well since we are at the store I am going to buy some gum. Why not check out the fun facts down below.

Fun Facts

You might find some gum at dollar stores. It looks like bread doghe when it's don'e. Gum use'd to be tree resin now it's made of plastic and rubbers.
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