A trip to Antarctica

Do you like the snow?Do you like icebergs?Well than you should go to Antarctica.If you went to Antarctica you will find fun things like trails so you can walk on the trails it will make you loose weight.There is ice climbing you will love it!When you are did them two things you should cool down by watching the cool iceberg it is pretty,cool and great!

After that you will see some animals like Whales and see what they look like they are so cute.Then can see how the birds fly and what they do.Don't let me forget about the penguins.You will love the penguins they are so cute they got the cutest beak ever!You can even see what the mommy penguin does when she leaves to get food she lets the daddy watch the egg.

When you go home you learned a lot like animals, fun things and,cool stuff.Come to Antarctica!