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Mrs. Johnson's Kindergarten Weekly News

May 8, 2016

Sneak Peek of the Week Ahead...

WEEKLY THEME: Mommies With Pockets

G'day mate and welcome to Australia! This island continent is located in the lower Southern Hemisphere, the half of the world south of the equator, and has been nicknamed "the land down under."

This week is a very special week as we look at MOTHERS -- all kinds of mothers from kangaroos to our very own dear moms.


We will be reading several books about mommies and mommies with pockets as well as reading about Australia and its wonderful and exciting animals. We will make a "travel bag" as a portfolio to display many of the things that we are learning about this great country. The children as now moving into both enjoying and learning from non-fiction literature. We are learning to "research" by reading non-fiction.
Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too? by Eric Carle (Read Aloud Story Book for Children)


Each day we will count and tally the total number of pockets worn by the children. This will give us practice in counting and organizing data. We will continue to work on math facts on the computer, with story mats and worksheets. Since this week as all about pockets, it will be okay for your child to wear clothing other than school uniforms. Please help your child find outfits that will tally as many pockets as possible. We will begin our pocket count and wear clothing with pockets beginning on Tuesday.

Friendly Reminders


Beginning on Tuesday, your child can select non-uniform clothing with pockets as we use tally marks and counting on as an important part of our math. It is always fun to see who wears the most pockets.

Important Dates

May 13

Mother's Day Tea 2-3 pm @ school

May 18

Plant Show

May 25

Field Day (Rain Date 5/26)

May 30

Memorial Day

June 3

Last Day of School (Dismissal @ 11:45)


Dear Families,

Last week as we "went" to China, the experiences were a great ways to learn about other cultures. I hope you looked through and enjoyed the China portfolio that your child brought home on Friday. Our lunch Friday seemed to be enjoyed by all. It was a fun and great week. We also enjoyed visiting some of the other countries as the students in those grade presented a program to us.

This week we will take a look at Australia, home to some of the most interesting animals on earth. This unit dovetails so well with some of those fabulous animals with pockets. The marsupials will provide us with a look at animals that are very different than the animals that roam our land. We will enjoy many of the books of Mem Fox who hails from Australia.

The children will be bringing home invitations for the Mother's Day Tea.They may "dress up" for the tea. Hopefully, the weather will warm a bit. I know that the girls like wearing sundresses. We will see what the weather brings on Friday. We will also use this theme to talk about and appreciate our wonderful moms ( or mums, in Australia. We will be presenting a special program in your honor so bring your favorite tea cup and join us. Please let me know if you are not able to attend the tea.