Steege Scoop May 2016

Ms. Steege's Fourth Grade Class Newsletter

What have we been up to?

Hello fourth grade families!

We have been up to a lot of exciting things! Our year is closing in on us too...

In math, we have begun chapter 16 and have been learning about all things measurement! We have converted, learned the difference between metric and customary units, and will learn more about telling time and temperature. In reading, we have shifted our focus back to our language arts textbook and have been working on reading stories and asking "I wonder" questions. These are questions that are not easily answered and really make you think. Our social studies end of the year map test will be on Friday, May 27th. This is the big test, folks! I have handed out study guides to prepare students for this test. Each state is worth a point. If the student also can name the capital, it is extra credit. :) So, potentially, they could get 100/50!

Our field trip is Friday May, 20th. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to chaperone- we have picked our six! Get ready to spend the day with many fourth graders!

Our performance series testing dates are:

Friday, May 13- Reading

Tuesday, May 17- Math

Please do your best to have your child at school these days- A good night's sleep and breakfast in the morning both are important, too!

May 10 is the choir concert from 6:30-7:30.

Lastly, today I sent home a letter about genius hour! I am so excited to try this out. The idea of genius hour came from google. Google gives their employees 20% of their time during the week to work on a project that they are passionate about. Many ideas have come from this! The students were SO excited today when I introduced it. I told them to talk over their plan with you. Tomorrow I will touch base with each student and make sure it is reasonable. Remember, we only have 6 sessions. We will present our project on Friday, June 3. Their project can be ANYTHING! The ideas are endless. Hopefully, the note sent home explains more. If you have questions, please make sure to email!

As always, let me know if you have questions or concerns.

Ms. Steege