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Kindergarten Kiddos

Weather Weather Everywhere!

It seemed to be a good week to talk about different weather! We experienced most of the types we discussed! We worked on adjectives to describe sunny, rainy, cloudy, and snowy. We worked on writing weather words and drawing pictures that matched. We wrote about our favorite weather, why we liked it, and what we could do in that type of weather.

We also made an umbrella craft based on the type of weather we like! They will be hanging in our hallway for all to see!

We worked on reading non-fiction and fiction stories and articles and answering questions about the story or information. We went back into the passage to find the answers and then wrote them down. This is a hard concept, but they really did a good job with it!

In math we have been reviewing shapes and patterns. We can make different patterns with all sorts of objects!

Next Week!

We will be learning about plants and flowers. We will look at the parts of the plants and flowers, how they grow, and what they need to grow.

We will be reading non-fiction books and answering questions about what we read. We will be working on sight words and knowing them off the top of our head.

In writing we will be working on writing sentences, or writing more sentences. We will focus on making sure we start our sentences with a capital letter and end with punctuation.

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April Birthdays!

April 3- Reese B.

April 10- MRS. BURT

April 26- Reece and Rylee

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Dates To Know

April 22- Southside Talent Show

May 11- Field Trip to the Children's Museum!

May 24-Kindergarten Program 1:30

May 25- LAST DAY of Kindergarten

Practice counting by 5's and 10's with these fun videos!

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