Peter Lalor Vocational College

19th May 2017

From the Principal

Commencing Term 2 seems to always leave teachers, students and parents wondering where Term 1 went. It was an exciting term with our new students settling into the Peter Lalor culture and existing students stepping up to the next level of maturity and step in their education. Students have been exposed to a variety of applied learning opportunities both within and outside the college.

Visits from Bronwyn Halfpenny MP

Bronwyn Halfpenny visited the school specifically with an interest in trade education. She is really impressed and excited about what the school is doing and how it has been transformed over the past few years. She is particularly interested in the TEC Diesel automotive program we run out of ONTTC and said she will pass on the success story to both James Merlino (Education Minister / Deputy Premier) and Daniel Andrews (Premier).

Bronwyn returned the following Wednesday to take the beauty students up on their offer to tint her eye lashes. They are hoping she will return before a function and will ensure her make-up and hair is perfect for any occasion.

Trade Training Centre Forum

I had the privilege of speaking at the State Trade Training Centre forum at the MCG last Friday. I spoke about schools and the effective relationships that can be forged with industry using the TEC diesel automotive program as the example. The TEC program supports partnerships between ONTTC, Cummins Diesel, Kenworth, Komatsu and many other industry and community groups.

Planned Maintenance Funding

We have started work with the architects to allocate the $493,000 we were given for maintenance funding. At this stage we are in negotiations for an upgrade to the roof to stop leaks, addressing the issues of trees lifting the car park bitumen, repair and replacement of broken concrete paths and resurfacing of the basketball courts. We are anticipating these works will be completed before the end of the year.

Child Safe Standards

We were recently audited by the Department of Education on our compliance to the Child Safe Standards. The school received 100% compliance to the standards.

School Council
I would like to thank ongoing and new members of the School Council for their work and support of the school. The members this year are: Rod Sheehan, David McKay, Colleen Monteleone, Steve Allport, Sandy Keeble, Sarah Brimble, Kimberley Worn, Debbie Pizaro, Patti Pitsivoris, Geoff Worsnop & Clay Antonio.

Rod Sheehan


Foundation Report

Foundation students have now completed their first 10 week unit of work. This 10 weeks has seen students participate in the following units:

Foundation - Hospitality

Students have spent lots of time in the kitchen including cooking some great dishes including spaghetti bolognaise, spanakopita, lasagna, Greek donuts and blueberry muffins. They have also had to plan and prepare for these dishes with the aim of giving them valuable life cooking and preparation skills whilst helping prepare them for the work force. Why not ask them to prepare and cook something for you at home.

They attended excursions to the Preston Market and the Melbourne Market to look at the variety of food available and compare costs and freshness.

Foundation - City Experience

Students have learnt to navigate their own way around the city as well as looking at all the great tourist attractions and features as well as problems with the city. Students have been lucky enough to participate in lots of excursions including; Hoddle Waddle, Corporate tickets to the Grand Prix, Urban Seed, National Sports Museum and sports precinct and the Eureka Skydeck. Literacy, numeracy and life skills have been linked directly to theses excursions.

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Foundation - Outdoor Recreation

Students have completed a variety of Outdoor Recreation activities with the main focus being on improving students Personal development skills including teamwork, planning and communication. Activities and excursion have including 1000 steps walk in the Dandenongs, swimming activities, environmental and water quality testing and orienteering at Darebin Parklands and the highlight of the unit an overnight sailing camp to Geelong where students learnt

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Intermediate Report

The Intermediate students have been very busy in recent weeks. Student representatives from each class have formed a Leadership Group and have been meeting for an hour each Tuesday with Gabby Panozzo and two staff from the City of Whittlesea Youth Services team, Bec and Jess. The group aims to learn some new skills around leadership and event planning and organise activities for the PLVC school population.

Last term the group organized an event to recognize Harmony Day, celebrating Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.

The celebrations included a traditional dance by two of the students, Irene and Fou, with a special guest appearance by Gabby. The dance, performed in front of the entire school population, was definitely a highlight of the day. Another highlight was the banquet of traditional foods that were on offer to all, including rice, taco’s, indian desserts, greek biscuits, dips and Turkish bread, and many other delicacies.

Youth Services ran some traditional indigenous games that students participated in as well. Many of them are similar to the games we play in modern society.

More recently the group has installed hand painted signage in the Community Garden, the culmination of a project commenced by Foundation and Senior students in 2016. Additional signage will be installed in coming weeks but it was exciting to see the first group of signs displayed in all their colour.

Coming up for the group is an involvement in a community art project with Council staff that will produce a piece for the ‘Week without violence’ that is happening later in the year. This will be sure to be a visual sensation, and will be displayed at Plenty Valley Shopping Centre in South Morang.

The students will also participate in training sessions around event planning, communication and leadership skills.

So far it has been a really worthwhile program for all staff and students involved.

What’s on for this term?

The focus for this term includes numeracy within cooking, and the major theme is ‘Amazing Destinations’. This topic will explore their teamwork skills and their capacity to use maps and instructions to make their way between different locations. Three excursions will test their skills in a very practical way and highlight the status of their teamwork and communication skills.

Students will continue to be encouraged to challenge themselves beyond a basic competency within tasks, with a view towards increasing confidence for work or further study next year.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your classroom teacher, or email the year Level Coordinator on

Gabby, Rach and Jamie

Intermediate VCAL team

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Senior Report

Term 2 started with an excursion to Marngoneet Prison to complete our unit on Crime and Punishment. This excursion involved students visiting a “real” prison and talking to inmates about their crimes and life in prison. The experience was very engaging with a number of students commenting on their impressions of prison life and the stories they heard from inmates.

We have now moved onto our Term 2 unit – Travel and Transport. This unit has involved students learning about different types of transport we have used over time. As well as investigating different countries and types of travel used around the world. Other aspects of this unit will include a group presentation to the class involving a travel scenario to a world destination. Students will also be involved with a larger project where foods from around the world will be created, promoted and shared with the school on a special “world travel day” later in the term.

Some other activities this term will involve a careers day with a visit from the Australian defence force to speak about trades and jobs within the academy. Students will also be completing a PDS project with fellow students on a community issue to raise awareness and what we can do to help the situation. This project will involve students working with community groups and will be one of our major projects for this year.

Students will receive information regarding an excursion to the RAAF museum on Thursday 1st June; students will be learning about the history of flight and combat planes. The excursion will involve a presentation about the aircraft and finishing the day with a special air show.

Updates –

Students who have ordered a year 12 senior jumper should be receiving this in the next few weeks; they are currently being made and will be distributed as soon as they are received.

Students received a learning booklet for their work placements and apprenticeship training programs this week that will need to be completed whilst at their placement. This will contribute toward their work related skills assessment and should be submitted in term 4.

Thank you to all parents who were able to attend the 3 way conference night on 27th April. It was great to meet with you and share your child’s progress this year. If parents were unable to attend or would like to arrange another meeting with your child’s teacher please feel free to contact the school.

David Stillwell – Senior Coordinator / Senior A

Liz Brown – Senior B

Tracy Cooknell – Senior C

School Based Traineeship with Airport Retail Enterprises

I chose to do my School Based Traineeship (SBT) with Airport Retail Enterprises because I wanted to gain experience and skills in the Hospitality industry. It's been a really good experience, I'm happy I chose to do it. I thought it would be great to do this SBT because we also get a Certificate III in Hospitality which is helpful to have when you want to apply for other jobs in the future. I'm hoping to become a Police Officer one day so I also thought this job would help build my confidence when it comes to interacting with the community. It has defiantly made me a more confident person. It can get challenging but you have great supervisors which support you 100%. Personally I love working at the Airport because I get to socialise with people from all around the world. This is really cool and it's not everyday you get an opportunity like this. It is also contributing towards my Senior VCAL certificate and as a bonus the pay is good! I would defiantly recommend this SBAT opportunity to other students.

Kaitlyn Bourke