The Nile River

By: Alex Houts

General Uses of the Nile River in Ancient Egypt

  • Transportation
  • Fertile land for crops
  • Building materials
  • A connection to Egyptian religion

How is the Egyption religion connected to the Nile River?

Egyptians believed that after someone died they had a after life. After they died, they wanted to keep their bodies preserved for the afterlife. To do that they used water from the Nile and other things. Getting water from the Nile was part of their ceremonies for the afterlife. They believed the river water was magical.

The river water was a source for materials in other ceremonies. It provided some rocks and minerals that were used In some ceremonies or used to make tombs. The Egyptians also used some plants or plant juices that were used in other ceremonies that the river provided.

How was the Nile used for transportation?

The Nile was very helpful to the Egyptians for moving things and people. There would have been no pyramids with out the Nile they were all built along side the Nile and most of the temples to so no one that should not get to it could not.

The Nile was also the route that they used most for trade. Stone barges were used to travel around back and forth from village to village. There were boats traveling on the Nile all the time and it helped the Egyptians build the kingdom.

Some pictures of the Nile

Geography of the Nile River

The Nile river is one of the longest and widest rivers in the world. On the edges of the Nile, the soil is very fertile and good for planting. You will often find camel and other animals by the river because it is one of the sources of water in the region. The river is the only one in the world to run from South to North and goes up toward the Equator.