E-Assist bkes

The E-Assist Bike

Our bikes are unique because the motor can be turned on and off, along with the pedaling of a normal bike. MyCycle provides fun and exciting bikes for kids, that are more than your ordinary bike.

The difference

MyCycle's bikes are specially designed so you aren't always being propelled like a motorcycle. it's ability to turn on and off is amazing, as kids can still get exercise, while getting a fun boost or help up a hill!

Our Service

We now have a new special service to customize your bike with our MyCycle technology! You now have the option to bring in your bike to have the everything needed to make it a true E-Assist bike!

About Us

We are a rising company that has an interest in what you want out of your bike. If you have any suggestions on what we should try to improve on our bikes then tell us at one of our contacts below.