Police and Detective

Alvaro Ramos - Consumer Education Period 9

Career Details


  • Enforce Laws,Patrol Assigned Areas, Arrest Suspects, Respond to calls for service.

Average Hours

  • Around the clock, more experienced employees receive preference, junior officers typically work holidays, ready to go at all times.

Working Locations

  • It varies depending on the officer and where they are working.
Salary/ Wage Potential

  • Average Pay was $55,010 in May 2010

Other Information


  • High School Diploma, Graduate of Police Academy, Foreign Language, College Degree
Skills Required

  • Multi-Task, Communication Skills, Good Judgement, Perceptiveness, Strength and Stamina
Job Growth

  • It is expected to grow about 7%(slower than average)
Related Jobs

  • Firefighters, Probation Officers, Private Detectives.