Jan Van Eyck

The greatest artist of his time.


No one is for sure when Van Eyck was born, but they do know he was born in Maaseik, Beljum. He had one brother, Hubert Van Eyck, and he was married to the much younger Margaret Van Eyck.

He and his brother were both made court painters by Philip of Charolais, but after the court broke up, Van Eyck became his own master.


His painting of Isabella of Portugal helped the Duke's (Philip the Good) decision to marry her.

Ven Eyck had an art studio in Brudges, which served as a foundation for the school of Brudges.

Van Eyck finished the "Ghent altarpiece", which his older brother had started.

Impact on today

Van Eyck left the Eyckian style for today's artist.

He's also known as the founder of Flemish painting.

He is referred to in the Treaty of Versailles

Interesting facts

Jan Van Eyck finished one of his brother's paintings so well, no one knows which artist did what part.

He didn't hide people's flaws when he painted them.

The place Van Eyck was buried at was destroyed during the French Revolution.


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