Did containment of communism work ?

What do you think ???

Who created communism ?

Mao Zedong is the person who created communism.he did a lot of work to get were he was. He did lots of crazy things to get power.

Rise to power

Mao Zedong went thought a lot to get were he is. he was a pesent farmer but he had enuf money to go to school.then he went to learn at bout communism in Beijing University.then he became apart of the (CCP) Chinese Communist Party. Then he gathered 100,000 men. Then he went on a march known as the. long march. he did thisnto get followers and he did but he lost 93,000 men. Then he became the leader of china and made them communist with cualtural revolution


What do you think ?

why or why not did containment of communism work

Do you think it worked or not ?

Its your chose to decide